How you can donate and

help Grace in the Desert

There are many ways that you can help Grace in the Desert. The first and most important is Prayer. Prayer is the foundation of all that we do at GTD. Before we do anything, implement anything, make any changes, we pray about it. Your prayers for us during our growing process would be most welcome.  

In addition to prayer, volunteer opportunities are also available at Grace in the Desert. From setting up and taking down our worship set-up to helping Pastor Ceri at Freedom Plaza to taking part in activities that will help us to get the word out about GTD, your help is greatly needed and appreciated.

If you have a special gift that God has blessed you with or if He has given you an idea for ministry, that is certainly another way that you can help us out. It is so exciting to be part of something new and vibrant ... so join us in ministry .... use the talents that God has given you to further His Kingdom. 

Finally, unfortunately, churches are also somewhat a business and they need funds to pay the bills.  Rent, insurance, pastor's salary, etc., are all expenses that we have at GTD.  Your donations will help us to keep going as we grow.

Ways you can donate:


church service

In Person

Join us in worship and bring your heart and your donation with you ... we do not pass the offering plate at GTD ... but we do have one available so you can help with our ongoing expenses and ministries.  

Laptop Writing


No matter where you are in the world -- or above the world -- you can donate on-line. Simply click on the donate or PayPal button and you will be walked through the steps. 

Silver Mail Box

Snail Mail

You can always put a check in the mail to us at

58 North 238th Lane

Buckeye, Arizona 85396

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