Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ

Grace in the Desert Lutheran Church

Hello ....

Like I said, I'm very excited about our worship at Grace in the Desert (GDLC) on.  I truly want us to be missional -- making a difference in the community by being the hands and feet and face of Jesus to all that we come in contact with. I want us to be a welcoming and family church -- where all feel comfortable and know they are loved and cared about no matter where they come from or who they are or what they have done in the past or how old or young they are. I want us to be true disciples, making a difference in people's lives and hearts and souls.  I believe the Holy Spirit works mightily when we let Him and I hope that GDLC embraces all that we are led to do and be as children of God.  I hope that we exhibit that Grace to everyone that we so wonderfully receive from God through His Son, Jesus. 

I look forward to seeing you in worship and involved in all of the activities that we are going to be engaged in -- both in our church family and in the community. :o)

What is My Vision for Grace in the Desert?

Hi .... My name is Pastor Ceri and I'm very excited about our worship experience at Grace in the Desert. :o)  I'm sure you'd like to know a bit about me, so .... 

I am very happily married to my husband of a little over 33 years. We live in the Wittmann area on an acre in the desert. Our household includes an 8-year-old Brittany named Oreo, an 8-month old "puppy" named Geyser (he's pretty big) and an 18-19year old cat named Gonzo -- we're not sure exactly how old he is -- he adopted us about 18 years ago.

We are blessed to live near our daughter and son-in-law and three grandsons, we get to see them pretty often ... we love them so much and it is nice to be able to see them so often....  :o)

Stay tuned as I share more as we move forward .... :o)